The Generals of WWII

Generals from Hungary Flag for Hungary
Portrait of Colonel-General Géza Lakatos

Lakatos, Géza


* 30th of April 1890

† 21st of May 1967


1939-11-01 Major-General
1941-11-01 Lieutenant-General
1943-08-01 Colonel-General


1928-XX-XX 1934-XX-XX Military Attaché to Czechoslovakia
1934-XX-XX 1935-XX-XX Commanding Officer 13th Regiment
1935-XX-XX 1938-XX-XX Chief of Staff 7th Mixed Brigade
1938-05-01 1939-01-23 Commanding Officer Infantry 1st Mixed Brigade
1939-01-23 1940-03-01 Commanding Officer 3rd Infantry Brigade
1940-03-01 1941-08-01 Chief of Staff 2nd Army
1941-08-01 1943-05-01 General Officer Commanding VIII Corps [Eastern Front]
1943-05-22 1943-08-01 General Officer Commanding Hungarian Occupation Forces Command [Ukraine]
1943-08-01 1944-04-01 General Officer Commanding 2nd Army [Eastern Front]
1944-04-01 1944-05-31 General Officer Commanding 1st Army
1944-08-29 1944-10-16 Prime Minister
1944-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX in German prison
Picture source: Courtesy of Ernesto Vitetti