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This project attempts to create a biographical database, which covers the army generals of all participating countries of the Second World War. At the moment the database contains 23779 short biographical sketches of the army generals of World War 2.

However, taking into account the scope of the project, the information on each general will vary in detail. Some generals have only been identified and listed with their last names, while others are listed with full names and sketches of their military careers. I am engaged in the quest for further biographical information on the generals and as a result there will be continual updates.

To find information on a specific general use the Search function or just click on The Generals and then choose the country of origin.

I hope that you will find this a useful reference tool.

General of the day

Portrait of Lieutenant-General Nikolai Kuzmich Kovalchuk

Kovalchuk, Nikolai Kuzmich


* 26th of July 1902

† 1972


(Николай Кузьмич Ковальчук)

Flag for Soviet Union


1939-04-27 Captain of State Security
1941-08-23 Major of State Security
1943-02-14 Colonel of State Security
1943-05-26 Major-General
1944-09-25 Lieutenant-General
1954-11-23 Stripped of the rank of Lieutenant-General


1939-02-XX 1940-09-09 Deputy Chief Investigator, People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs, NKVD Leningrad
1940-09-09 1941-02-XX Chief Investigator, People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs NKVD, Leningrad
1941-02-XX 1941-07-XX Chief Investigator, People's Commissariat of State Security NKGB, Leningrad
1941-07-XX 1941-10-XX Chief of NKVD Special Section, Luzhsk Operational Group
1941-08-27 1942-06-02 Deputy Chief of NKVD Special Section, Leningrad Front
1942-06-02 1943-04-15 Chief of NKVD Special Section, Siberian Military District
1943-04-15 1943-10-20 Chief Counter-Intelligence Officer SMERSH, Southern Front
1943-10-20 1945-07-22 Chief Counter-Intelligence Officer SMERSH, 4th Ukrainian Front
1945-07-XX 1946-05-07 Chief Counter-Intelligence Officer SMERSH, Carpatian Military District
1946-05-07 1949-09-18 Deputy Minister of State Security
1946-08-XX 1949-08-24 Plenipotentiary of Ministry of State Security MGB in Germany
1949-08-24 1952-09-06 Minister of State Security, Ukraine SSR
1952-09-06 1953-02-14 At disposal of the Personnel Directorate, Ministry of State SEcurity MGB
1953-02-14 1953-03-16 Minister of State Security, Latvia SSR
1953-03-16 1953-05-23 Minister of Internal Affairs Latvia SSR
1953-06-10 1953-07-20 Senior MVD Adviser to the Polish Ministry of Public Security
1953-07-20 1953-09-08 At disposal of Personnel Directorate, Ministry of Internal Affairs MVD
1953-09-08 1954-05-04 Head of Ministry of Internal Affairs MVD Yaroslav
1954-06-26 Dismissed
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