The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Colonel-General Viktor Semenovich Abakumov

Abakumov, Viktor Semenovich


* 11th of April 1908

† 24th of December 1954


(Виктор Семенович Абакумов)


1938-12-28 Captain of State Security
1940-03-14 Senior Major of State Security
1941-07-09 Commissar of State Security 3rd Rank
1943-02-04 Commissar of State Security 2nd rank
1945-07-09 Colonel-General


1938-12-05 1941-02-25 Head of People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs NKVD, Rostov
1941-02-25 1942-12-XX Deputy People's Commissar of Internal Affairs NKVD
1941-07-19 1943-XX-XX Head of Special Sections Directorate, People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs NKVD
1943-04-14 1946-03-16 Head of Main Counter-Intelligence Directorate SMERSH, People's Commissar of Defence
1943-04-19 1943-05-20 Deputy People's Commissar of Defence
1945-01-11 1945-04-07 Plenipotentiary of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs NKVD, 3rd Belorussian Front
1946-03-16 1946-04-05 Head of Main Counter-Intelligence Directorate, Ministry of Defence
1946-10-19 1951-07-12 Minister of State Security
1951-07-12 1954-12-24 Arrested
1954-12-24 Condemned to death
1954-12-24 Executed
Picture source: Voenno-Istoricheskii Zhurnal, No. 8 2005