The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Julius Ochs Adler

Adler, Julius Ochs


* 3rd of December 1892

† 4th of October 1955

(Officers' Reserve Corps)


1941-07-15 Brigadier-General (Army of the United States)(Confirmed US Senate)
1948-01-23 Major-General (Officers' Reserve Corps)(Confirmed US Senate)
1953-03-30 Major-General (Armed Forces Reserves)(Confirmed US Senate)


1924-12-05 1940-10-01 Commanding Officer 306th Infantry Regiment
1940-10-07 1941-07-13 Commanding Officer 113th Infantry Regiment
1941-07-13 1941-07-23 Commanding Officer 57th Infantry Brigade
1941-07-27 1941-07-29 Assistant Commanding General 4th Motorized Division
1941-XX-XX 1944-XX-XX Assistant Commanding General 6th Infantry Division
1944-XX-XX 1948-XX-XX Commanding General 77th Infantry Division
1952-XX-XX 1953-XX-XX Member of the Reserve Forces Policy Board, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower & Personnel
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