The Generals of WWII

Generals from Croatia Flag for Croatia
Portrait of General Junuz Ajanović

Ajanović, Junuz


* 5th of October 1890

† 15th of July 1945


1945-04-04 General


1941-04-12 1943-06-XX Commandant of Domobranstvo Mobile Battalions (Samovozne Bojne)
1943-06-XX 1944-12-XX Liason officer between the NDH Armed Forces and the SS Police in Croatia
1944-12-XX 1945-03-XX Commandant NDH 3. Mountain Regiment
1945-03-XX 1945-05-15 Commandant NDH 12. "Imotski" Division
1945-XX-XX Arrested by Yugoslav Partisan forces
1945-07-15 Executed in Zagreb