The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Henry Templer Alexander

Alexander, Henry Templer


* 17th of May 1911

† 16th of March 1977

(The Cameronians)

(Scottish Rifles)


1943-03-20 Acting Lieutenant-Colonel
1943-06-20 War Substantive Major
1943-06-20 Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel
1943-10-28 Acting Lieutenant-Colonel
1944-04-01 Acting Brigadier
1944-04-28 War Substantive Lieutenant-Colonel
1944-04-28 Temporary Colonel
1944-07-07 Reverted to Temporary Colonel
1951-07-01 Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel
1953-06-06 Lieutenant-Colonel
1955-05-27 Colonel (Dated back to 1954-06-09)
1959-01-01 Brigadier
1960-01-11 Temporary Major-General
1960-01-15 Major-General


Commanding Officer 2nd Battalion The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
1944-XX-XX Brigadier General Staff, Special Force The Chindits [Burma]
1946-XX-XX 1948-XX-XX Chief Instructor at Combined Operations School
1954-XX-XX 1955-XX-XX Commanding Officer 1st Battalion The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
1955-XX-XX 1957-XX-XX Commanding Officer 26th Gurkha Brigade
Senior Instructor at the Staff College Camberley
1960-01-11 1961-12-24 Chief of Defence Staff, Ghana
1962-06-25 1965-06-01 Chief of Staff, Northern Command
1965-06-29 Retired
1969-01-01 1970-07-01 Colonel, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
1970-07-01 1973-11-11 Representative Colonel, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Picture source: Courtesy of Paul Godley