The Generals of WWII

Generals from Yugoslavia Flag for Yugoslavia
Portrait of General Vladimir J. Cukavac

Cukavac, Vladimir J.


* 29th of May 1884

† 7th of April 1965


1921-11-24 Chief of Staff 1st Cavalry Division
1923-04-11 Chief of Training Section, Operation Department, General Staff
1923-04-11 1924-11-15 Chief of Mobilization Department, General Staff
1924-11-15 1925-05-01 Instructor at Nižoj School of the Military Academy
1925-11-10 1926-04-27 Deputy Chief of Staff 2nd Army District
1926-04-27 1927-02-24 Chief of Staff Guards Division
1927-02-24 1929-06-15 Military Attaché to Bulgaria
1929-06-26 1930-09-16 Deputy Superintendent of Višu School of the Military Academy
1930-09-16 1930-12-04 Chief of Staff Department, Ministry of the Army & Navy
1930-12-04 1932-11-23 Interim Deputy Inspector for State Defence
1932-11-23 1935-02-12 Interim General Officer Commanding Dravske Divisional District
1935-02-12 1936-04-03 Deputy Minister of the Army & Navy
1936-04-03 1940-09-12 Superintendent of the Military Academy
1940-09-12 1941-04-XX Interim General Officer Commanding 5th Army District
1941-04-XX General Officer Commanding 5th Independent Army
1941-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Prisoner of War, Germany