The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Army General Ivan Ivanovich Fediuninskii

Fediuninskii, Ivan Ivanovich

Army General

* 30th of July 1900

† 17th of October 1977

(Иван Иванович Федюнинский)


1941-08-12 Major-General
1942-06-13 Lieutenant-General
1944-10-05 Colonel-General
1955-08-08 Army General


1939-XX-XX Commanding Officer 24th Motorized Rifle Regiment
1939-XX-XX 1940-XX-XX Chief of Combat Training Section, 1st Army Group
1940-02-XX 1940-02-29 Commanding Officer 82nd Motorized Rifle Division
1940-02-29 1941-08-15 Commanding Officer XV Rifle Corps
1941-08-23 1941-09-21 Commanding Officer 32nd Army
1941-09-15 1941-10-08 Commanding Officer 42nd Army
1941-10-08 1941-10-26 Commander in Chief Northern Front
1941-10-11 1941-10-26 Commander in Chief Leningrad Front
1941-10-27 1942-04-22 Commanding Officer 54th Army
1942-04-25 1942-10-15 Commanding Officer 5th Army
1942-10-XX 1943-05-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Volkhov Front
1943-05-XX 1943-07-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Briansk Front
1943-07-14 1943-12-23 Commanding Officer 11th Army
1943-12-24 1945-05-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Shock Army
1945-07-09 1945-10-29 Commanding Officer Soviet Military Administration, Mecklenburg [Germany]
1946-02-15 1947-02-XX Commander in Chief Arkhangelsk Military District
1948-04-20 1951-11-16 Commanding Officer 7th Guards Army
1951-11-17 1954-04-15 First Deputy Commander in Chief Soviet Group of Forces in Germany
1954-04-15 1957-10-18 Commander in Chief Transcaucasian Military District
1957-12-23 1965-12-03 Commander in Chief Turkestan Military District
1965-XX-XX 1977-XX-XX Inspector-Counsellor, Group of Inspector-Generals, Ministry of Defence
Picture source: Courtesy of Boris Kharlamov