The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Major-General  Kong Mengtao

Kong Mengtao


* 1901

† 1966



1937-10-XX 1939-01-XX Deputy Chief of Staff Section, 1st War Area
1937-XX-XX 1939-XX-XX Chief of Operations Unit, 1st War Area
1939-XX-XX Deputy Chief of Staff Section, Tianshui Field Headquarters, Gansu
Chief of Instruction Unit, Staff Training Class, Investigation & Statistics Bureau, Military Commission
Chief of 2nd Bureau, Military Operations Department
1946-03-XX 1946-11-XX Senior Staff Officer, Zhengzhou Pacification Headquarters
1946-11-XX 1948-05-XX Senior Staff Officer, Wuhan Field Headquarters
1948-05-XX 1949-03-XX Chief of Staff, 5th Pacification Area
1949-XX-XX Chief of Staff, 19th Army Corps
1949-XX-XX 1949-05-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 127th Army
1949-05-XX Joins the People's Republic in May
Advisor, Civil Administration Department, Central Southern Administrative Commission