The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Major-General Ivan Pavlovich Krupennikov

Krupennikov, Ivan Pavlovich


* 20th of January 1896

† 28th of August 1950

(Иван Павлович Крупенников)


1938-08-16 Kombrig
1942-08-04 Major-General


1938-XX-XX Chief of Staff, XI Rifle Corps
1942-07-04 1942-11-01 Chief of Staff, 63rd Army
1942-11-01 1942-12-05 Chief of Staff, 1st Guards Army
1942-12-05 1942-12-20 Chief of Staff, 3rd Guards Army
1942-12-20 1945-05-XX Prisoner of War
1945-05-27 1950-08-28 Arrested
1950-08-28 Condemned to death and executed
1957-06-08 Rehabilitated