The Generals of WWII

Generals from Czechoslovakia Flag for Czechoslovakia
Portrait of General Karel Kutlvašr

Kutlvašr, Karel


* 27th of January 1895

† 2nd of October 1961


1928-XX-XX Brigadier-General


1923-12-XX 1924-02-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Brigade
1924-04-XX 1927-10-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Brigade
1927-12-XX 1929-10-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Brigade
1930-10-XX 1931-08-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Brigade
1934-XX-XX 1938-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 4th Division
1938-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 35th Border Sector
1945-05-XX 1945-08-XX General Officer Commanding V Corps
1946-02-XX 1946-10-XX General Officer Commanding III Corps
1948-XX-XX Deputy General Officer Commanding 3rd Military District
Picture source: Courtesy of Lukáš Binder