The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Marshal of Aviation Evgenii Fedorovich Loginov

Loginov, Evgenii Fedorovich

Marshal of Aviation

* 23rd of October 1907

† 7th of October 1970

(Евгений Федорович Логинов)


1941-10-30 Colonel
1942-05-05 Major-General of Aviation
1944-03-13 Lieutenant-General of Aviation
1955-08-08 Colonel-General of Aviation
1967-10-28 Marshal of Aviation


1938-11-XX 1940-09-XX Assistant Commanding Officer 5th Aviation Brigade
1940-09-XX 1941-08-20 Assistant Commandant for Flight Training, 2nd Higher Military Navigation School of the Air Force
1941-08-20 1941-12-05 Commanding Officer 51st Long Range Bomber Aviation Division
1941-12-05 1942-03-06 Commanding Officer 1st Night Heavy Bomber Aviation Division
1942-03-06 1943-04-XX Commanding Officer 17th Long Range Aviation Division
1943-04-XX 1943-04-30 Commanding Officer 2nd Guards Long Range Bomber Aviation Division
1943-04-30 1946-08-XX Commanding Officer II Long Range Bomber Aviation Corps
1946-08-XX 1947-03-XX Deputy Commanding Officer I Guards Long Range Bomber Aviation Corps
1947-03-XX 1949-03-XX Attending the Military Academy of the General Staff
1949-03-XX 1950-08-XX Inspector-General of Bomber Aviation
1950-08-XX 1952-10-XX Head of the Command Department, Air Force Academy
1952-10-XX 1953-05-XX Deputy Commandant for Teaching, Air Force Academy
1953-05-XX 1954-06-XX Deputy Commandant for Research & Teaching, Air Force Academy
1954-06-XX 1956-04-XX Commanding Officer 24th Air Army
1956-04-XX 1958-02-XX Deputy Commander in Chief of the Air Force
1958-02-XX 1959-06-XX Inspector-General of the Air Force
1959-06-XX 1964-08-XX Head of Main Civil Air Fleet Directorate
1964-08-XX 1970-05-XX Minister of Civil Aviation
1970-05-XX 1970-10-07 Inspector-Counsellor, Group of Inspector-Generals, Ministry of Defence
Picture source: Courtesy of Ilya Mukhin