The Generals of WWII

Generals from Australia Flag for Australia
Portrait of Brigadier William Howard St. Clair

St. Clair, William Howard


* 2nd of June 1892

† 8th of November 1977


1918-11-10 Granted the Honorary rank of Lieutenant-Colonel
1921-03-31 Lieutenant-Colonel
1932-05-01 Temporary Colonel
1933-10-31 Colonel
1938-03-01 Temporary Brigadier
1939-07-31 Relinquishes the Temporary rank of Brigadier
1939-11-20 Temporary Brigadier


1918-11-11 1919-01-06 Commanding Officer 7th Australian Field Artillery Brigade
1919-01-07 1919-04-12 Commanding Officer 8th Australian Field Artillery Brigade
1921-03-31 1926-04-30 Commanding Officer 8th Australian Field Artillery Brigade
1926-05-01 1932-04-30 Commanding Officer 22nd Australian Field Artillery Brigade
1932-05-01 1933-05-31 Commander Royal Artillery, 4th Australian Infantry Division
1933-06-01 1939-07-31 Commander Royal Artillery, 3rd Australian Infantry Division
1939-08-01 1939-11-19 Unemployed List
1939-11-20 1941-XX-XX Brigadier Royal Artillery, Southern Command
1939-12-01 Aide-de-Camp to the Governor-General of Australia
1942-XX-XX Brigadier Royal Artillery, 2nd Australian Army
1944-03-XX Retired