The Generals of WWII


With the launch of this website I would like to thank all those people who over the years have been helpful to me.

This goes for my colleagues in various libraries putting up with my never-ending request for sources.

Also to the members of various World War II forums and mailing list who have been so kind to answer my questions regarding generals.

A special thanks goes to the numerous relatives of the generals who have contacted me with additional information on their family members.

The kind permission of De Agostini UK Ltd. for using some of their pictures as decoration for this site. Thanks.

I would however like to single out the following individuals for their invaluable help. If someone feels left out, it has in no way been intentionally.

Shawn M. Bohannon
Information on US Army Air Force generals

Byron Bostwick
Information on Polish generals

Andrew Chalmaev
Information on Soviet generals

Tom Y. Chan
Information & photos on Chinese generals

Mateusz Dallali
Information on Soviet generals

Péter Harkècsi
Information on Hungarian generals

Paul Godley
Pictures of numerous generals

Mikko Härmeinen
Information on Finnish generals

J.N. Houterman
Information on Dutch generals

Greg Kelley
Information on Romanian, Hungarian & Bulgarian generals

Information on Thai generals

Klemen Kocjancic
Information on Yugoslav generals

Tapani Kossila
Information on Estonian generals

Henrik Krog
Information on Croatian generals

Andris J. Kursietis
Information on Latvian generals with an extract from his book: Armed Forces of Latvia 1918-1940 and Information on French & Polish generals

Valdis J. Kursietis
Information on Japanese generals

Clive M. Law
Information and pictures of Canadian generals

Richard Mead
Information on British & Indian Army generals

Ilya Mukhin
Information on Soviet generals

Ryan J. Opel
Information on US generals

Arthur Radburn
Information on South African generals

Jesper W. Schneider
Encouragement & access to his personal book collection

Gleen A. Steinberg
Encouragement & a common interest

Jacques Tassier
Information on Belgian generals

M. Vasile
Information on Italian generals

Lance Visser
Information on Indian Army & SEAC generals

Graham Watson
Information on British & Commonwealth generals

Zhou Jon
Information on Chinese generals

And finally to my friends Morten B. Bech and Benny Amorsen for the invaluable help with designing this site and creating the database. With out them this could not have been done.

Steen Ammentorp