The Generals of WWII

Generals from Czechoslovakia Flag for Czechoslovakia
Portrait of Major-General Václav Šára

Šára, Václav


* 27th of March 1893

† 1st of October 1941


1927-12-14 Lieutenant-Colonel
1929-12-30 Colonel
1934-07-31 Brigadier-General (Seniority from 1934-07-01)
1946-10-25 Major-General (Posthumously)(Seniority from 1941-05-01)


1926-11-01 1929-02-28 Deputy Commanding Officer 101st Artillery Regiment
1929-02-28 1931-09-30 Commanding Officer 1st Artillery Regiment
1931-09-30 1933-11-30 Deputy Commandant of the Artillery School, Omolouc
1933-11-30 1938-09-XX Chief of Section II/2 (Artillery), Ministry of National Defence
1938-09-XX Commanding Officer Artillery, I Corps
1938-09-XX 1938-10-XX Commanding Officer Artillery, XI Border Zone
1940-02-XX 1941-09-12 Member of the Resistance
1941-09-12 1941-10-01 Arrested by Gestapo
1941-10-01 Executed
Picture source: From: "Lidove Noviny", 2019-03-22