The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Karel Štepánek

Štepánek, Karel


* 7th of February 1883

† 10th of June 1966


1921-12-02 Lieutenant-Colonel
1922-12-29 Colonel
1933-07-13 Brigadier-General


1921-05-XX 1922-01-XX Attending the Information Course for Engineering Officers, Prague
1922-01-XX 1923-10-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Railroad Regiment
1923-10-XX 1925-10-XX Commanding Officer Railroad Regiment
1925-10-XX 1928-08-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Prague Military Engineering Command
1928-08-XX 1929-09-XX Attending the Commanders Course, Litomerice
1929-09-XX 1932-08-XX Commanding Officer Brno Military Engineering Command
1932-08-XX 1934-11-XX Commanding Officer Bratislava Military Engineering Command
1934-11-XX 1935-03-XX Chief of ? Group, Section IV/1 (Engineering), Ministry of National Defence
1935-03-XX 1938-05-XX Chief Section 2 (Technical), Fortifications Works Directorate
1938-05-XX 1938-09-XX Deputy Head of Fortifications Works
1938-09-XX Chief of Technical Affairs, Depot ČV
1938-10-XX 1939-04-XX Deputy Head of Fortifications Works
1939-07-01 Retired
Picture source: From: "Železniční pluk 1918-1931", 1931