The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Maurice-Jean-Joseph Abadie

Abadie, Maurice-Jean-Joseph


* 11th of March 1877

† 1948


1918-12-25 Lieutenant-Colonel
1925-09-XX Colonel
1930-02-14 Brigadier-General
1936-12-23 Major-General


1918-XX-XX 1919-XX-XX Chief of Staff, 3rd Colonial Infantry Division
1920-XX-XX Commanding Officer Levant Colonial March Regiment
1921-XX-XX Commanding Officer, Northern Zone [Levant]
Commanding Officer 16th Senegalese Tirailleurs Regiment
1921-XX-XX 1921-11-14 Attached to 21st Colonial Infantry Regiment
1921-11-14 1924-02-25 Instructor at Centre d'├ętudes de l'Infanterie
1924-02-25 1924-XX-XX Attached to 23rd Colonial Infantry Regiment
1924-XX-XX 1925-XX-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Senegalese Tirailleurs Battalion
1924-XX-XX 1925-XX-XX Commanding Officer Sub-Division Niger
1926-XX-XX 1929-XX-XX Chief of Training Section, Advisory Committee on Colonial Defence
1930-07-08 Commanding Officer 1st Colonial Brigade
1931-XX-XX Commanding Officer 1st Senegalese Brigade
1932-02-16 At disposal
1932-02-16 1934-07-31 General Officer Commanding French East African Group
1936-01-14 Member of the Advisory Committee on Colonial Defence
1936-01-14 Assistant General Officer Commanding Tunisia
1938-10-XX Commanding Officer Sub-Division Sousse-Kairoun [Tunisia]
1939-03-11 Retired
1939-09-03 Recalled
1939-09-03 1939-11-21 General Officer Commanding 61st Infantry Division
1939-11-21 1939-12-01 At disposal
1939-12-01 1940-10-23 General Officer Commanding Troops in French West Africane
1941-01-22 1941-03-07 On leave
1941-03-07 Retired