The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Amedeo Ademollo

Ademollo, Amedeo


* 29th of July 1873

† 4th of December 1947


1925-03-01 Colonel
1931-03-02 Brigadier-General


1925-03-01 Attached to Royal Carabinieri Territorial Legion "Firenze"
1925-03-01 1929-11-21 Commanding Officer Royal Carabinieri Legion "Bologna"
1929-11-21 Commanding Officer Royal Carabinieri Territorial Legion "Livorno"
1931-11-24 Inspector of 4th Carabinieri Zone
1931-11-24 1933-09-15 Inspector of 6th Royal Carabinieri Zone
1933-09-15 1934-07-29 Inspector of 4th Royal Carabinieri Zone
1934-07-20 At disposal
1934-12-23 1947-12-04 President of the National Association of Carabinieri
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