The Generals of WWII

Generals from Italy Flag for Italy
Portrait of Major-General Raffaello Ademollo Lambruschini

Ademollo Lambruschini, Raffaello


* 16th of May 1876



1931-02-XX Luogotenente Generale


1924-02-XX 1924-10-XX Commanding Officer 30th Black Shirt Legion Group
1924-10-XX 1929-10-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Black Shirt Legion "Libia"
1929-10-XX Commanding Officer 17th Black Shirt Group
1931-02-XX Attached to 2nd Black Shirt Grouping
1931-02-XX Commanding Officer Black Shirt Sardenia
Commanding Officer 3rd Black Shirt Grouping
Picture source: From 'La Nazione Operante' by Edoardo Savino, 1937