The Generals of WWII

Generals from Italy Flag for Italy
Portrait of Brigadier-General Umberto Albani

Albani, Umberto


* 24th of August 1895



1925-05-26 Prefect 2nd Class
1928-08-01 Prefect 1st Class
1936-10-XX Console Generale


1925-05-XX 1926-05-XX Prefect of Teramo
1926-05-XX 1928-06-XX Prefect of Taranto
1928-07-XX 1929-07-XX Prefect of Bari
1929-07-XX 1933-09-XX Prefect of Palermo
1933-09-XX 1941-06-XX Prefect of Genova
1941-06-XX 1943-02-XX Prefect of Napoli
1943-02-XX 1943-07-XX Undersecretary of State for the Interior
1944-08-XX Retired