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Portrait of Major-General Tarban Abdulla-Ogly Aliiarbekov

Aliiarbekov, Tarban Abdulla-Ogly


* 28th of November 1892

† 15th of February 1956

(Тарлан Абдулла-оглы Алиярбеков)

(Тарлан Абдулла-оглы Алярбеков)


1944-02-09 Major-General


1934-03-XX 1940-07-XX Military Instructor at Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute
1940-07-XX 1942-06-03 Assistant Head for Training, Junior Political Officers Course, Transcaucasian Military District
1942-06-03 1942-10-10 Deputy 416th Rifle Division
1942-10-10 1942-11-19 Commanding Officer 416th Rifle Division
1942-11-XX 1943-03-14 Deputy People's Commissar of Information on Defence Affairs, Azerbaijan SSR
1943-03-14 1943-11-XX Commanding Officer 79th Reserve Rifle Regiment
1943-11-XX 1944-04-25 Deputy Commanding Officer 402nd Rifle Division
1944-04-26 1945-03-13 Commanding Officer 402nd Rifle Division
1945-03-13 1945-11-XX Deputy Commanding Officer LXIII Rifle Corps
1945-11-XX 1946-01-XX At disposal of the Military Council, Transcaucasian Military District
1946-01-XX 1948-09-28 Deputy Minister of Information on Military Training, Azerbaijan SSR
1948-09-28 Retired
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