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Portrait of Komandarm 2nd Rank Iakov Ivanovich Alksnis

Alksnis, Iakov Ivanovich

Komandarm 2nd Rank

* 14th of January 1896

† 29th of July 1938

(Яков Иванович Алкснис)


1935-11-20 Komandarm 2nd Rank


1924-11-XX 1924-12-XX Assistant Head of Organisation-Mobilisation Directorate, General Staff
1924-12-XX 1925-03-XX Chief of Troops Deployment Section, General Staff
1925-03-XX 1926-08-XX Head of Troops Deployment Directorate, Main Army Directorate
1926-08-XX 1931-06-XX Deputy Commander in Chief of the Air Force
1931-06-XX 1937-11-23 Commander in Chief of the Air Force
1937-01-XX 1937-11-23 Deputy People's Commissar of Defence for Air Forces
1937-11-23 1938-07-28 Arrested
1938-07-28 Condemned to death
1938-07-29 Executed
1956-02-01 Rehabilitated
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