The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Cesare Amè

Amè, Cesare


* 18th of November 1892

† 30th of June 1980


1928-02-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1937-07-01 Colonel
1942-04-15 Brigadier-General (Seniority from 1942-01-01)
1952-XX-XX Major-General
1979-06-XX Lieutenant-General


1928-02-XX 1929-05-XX Commanding Officer ? Battalion, 91st Infantry Regiment
1929-05-XX 1933-08-XX Attached to the 22nd Military Territorial Division
1933-08-XX 1935-10-XX Instructor (Military History) at the Air Academy
1935-10-XX 1938-05-XX Chief of Staff, Infantry Division "Murge"
1938-05-XX 1939-05-24 Commanding Officer 8th Infantry Regiment "Cuneo"
1939-05-24 1939-09-01 Chief of Staff, 6th Infantry Division "Legnano"
1939-09-01 1940-09-XX Chief of Staff, Udine Corps
1940-09-XX 1943-07-25 Head of Military Intelligence Service
1943-07-25 1943-08-18 Attached to the Supreme General Staff
1944-09-14 1945-05-08 Member of the Commission of Inquiry into the behaviour of the General Officers & Colonels following the Armistice
1947-06-XX Retired