The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Enrico Amati

Amati, Enrico


* 20th of June 1884


1928-01-22 Lieutenant-Colonel (Commissariat)
1937-01-18 Colonel (Commissariat)(Seniority from 1936-12-31)
1943-07-07 Brigadier-General (Commissariat)


1932-05-01 Attached to Commissariat, Bari Corps
1932-05-01 1935-05-15 Attached to Local Office Genova, Commissariat, Alessandria Corps
1935-05-15 1937-01-18 Acting Director of Commissariat, Bari Corps
1937-01-18 1940-06-01 Director of Commissariat, Bari Corps
1940-06-01 Director of Commissariat, Roma Corps
1943-07-25 Inspector of Military Commissariat, 1st Zone Milano