The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Michele Amaturo

Amaturo, Michele


* 29th of November 1881


1934-12-17 Colonel (Seniority from 1934-12-10)
1939-08-17 Brigadier-General (Seniority from 1939-06-30)
1942-04-15 Major-General (Seniority from 1942-01-01)


1925-10-01 1927-05-01 Attached to the Military Academy of Artillery & Engineering
1927-05-01 1929-07-01 Attached to the 1st Artillery Experience Centre Nettuno
1929-07-01 Attached to 27th Field Artillery Regiment
1934-10-01 Attached to Artillery, Milano Corps
1934-10-01 Acting Commanding Officer 5th Heavy Field Artillery Regiment
1934-12-17 Acting Commanding Officer 5th Corps Artillery Regiment
1934-12-17 1935-09-15 Commanding Officer 5th Corps Artillery Regiment
1935-09-15 1936-10-01 Commanding Officer 1st Army Artillery Regiment
1936-10-01 Attached to the Ministry of War
1939-XX-XX Director of the Artillery & Engineers Review
1939-09-05 Attached to the Army General Staff
1939-09-05 1941-11-01 Assistant General for Territorial Defence, Army General Staff
1941-11-01 1942-XX-XX Attached to the Ministry of War
1942-12-06 Retired, but remained employed