The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Adolfo Antoniazzi

Antoniazzi, Adolfo


* 27th of May 1891


1926-12-05 Lieutenant-Colonel (Seniority from 1926-12-01)
1936-11-19 Colonel (Seniority from 1936-10-17)
1941-07-01 Brigadier-General


1926-12-01 Chief of ? Section, Army General Staff
1930-03-01 Attached to 6th Alpine Regiment
1930-03-01 Attached to the General Staff Corps
1935-11-20 Chief of Staff, 18th Infantry Division "Metauro"
1935-11-20 1936-11-19 Commanding Officer 73rd Infantry Regiment "Lombardia"
1936-11-19 1938-02-10 Commanding Officer 73rd Infantry Regiment "Lombardia"
1938-02-10 Attached to Roma Corps
1940-11-15 Attached to VIII Corps
1940-11-15 1941-03-05 Chief of Staff, 22nd Infantry Division "Cacciatori delle Alpi"
1941-03-05 Attached to the Ministry of War
1941-08-20 Attached to Firenze Territorial Defence Command
1941-08-20 1942-02-01 Commanding Officer Infantry, 20th Infantry Division "Friuli"
1942-02-01 1942-04-15 Attached to 7th Army
1942-04-15 1943-02-10 General Officer Commanding 222nd Coastal Division
1943-02-10 Attached to XVII Corps