The Generals of WWII

Generals from Japan Flag for Japan
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Masao Baba

Baba, Masao


* 7th of January 1892

† 7th of August 1947


(ばば まさお)


1935-08-01 Colonel
1938-07-15 Major-General
1941-08-25 Lieutenant-General


1933-04-21 1935-08-02 Attached to the Inspectorate of Cavalry
1935-08-02 1938-07-15 Commanding Officer 2nd Cavalry Regiment
1938-07-15 1939-08-01 Commanding Officer 3rd Cavalry Brigade
1939-08-01 1940-12-02 Attached to the Inspectorate of Cavalry
1940-12-02 1941-09-01 General Officer Commanding Cavalry Group
1941-09-01 1943-09-25 General Officer Commanding 53rd Division
1943-09-25 1944-12-26 General Officer Commanding 4th Division [Sumatra]
1944-12-26 1945-09-XX General Officer Commanding 37th Army [Borneo]
1947-XX-XX Condemned to death and hanged as war criminal
Picture source: Courtesy of Anonymous