The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Marshal of Italy Pietro Badoglio

Badoglio, Pietro

Marshal of Italy

* 28th of September 1871

† 1st of November 1956

Nickname: Duca di Addis Abeba

Nickname: Marchese del Sabotino


1915-03-01 Lieutenant-Colonel
1916-05-25 Colonel
1916-08-27 Brigadier-General (Maggiore Generale)
1917-08-23 Major-General (Tenente Generale)
1926-06-17 Marshal of Italy


1916-XX-XX Chief of Staff, VI Corps
1916-11-15 1917-03-04 Commanding Officer Brigade "Cuneo"
1917-05-XX 1917-XX-XX General Officer Commanding II Corps
1917-XX-XX General Officer Commanding XXVII Corps
1917-11-08 Deputy Chief of the Army General Staff
1919-09-XX 1919-11-24 Special Commissioner for the Venezian Gulf
1919-11-24 1921-02-02 Chief of the Army General Staff
1922-XX-XX 1923-XX-XX Member of the Army Council
1922-11-24 1923-12-10 Member of the Commission for Foreign Politics, Senate
1923-12-23 1925-05-04 Ambassador to Brazil
1925-05-04 1927-02-01 Chief of the Army General Staff
1925-05-04 1940-12-04 Chief of the Supreme General Staff
1928-12-28 1933-12-31 Governor of Tripolitania & Cyrenaica [North Africa]
1934-05-01 1939-03-02 Member of the Commission for Judgement of the Supreme Court of Justice
1935-11-22 1936-05-22 Governor of Eritrea
1935-11-28 1936-XX-XX Commander in Chief Italian East Africa
1935-11-28 1936-05-31 High Commissioner for the Colonies in Italian East Africa
1936-05-09 1936-06-11 Viceroy of Ethiopia
1943-07-25 1944-06-18 Prime Minister
1944-02-11 1944-06-18 Foreign Minister
1944-02-24 1944-04-22 Acting Minister of Italian Africa
1944-04-22 1944-06-18 Minister of Italian Africa
Picture source: Courtesy of Valdis Kursietis