The Generals of WWII

Generals from Australia Flag for Australia
Portrait of Major-General Leslie Ellis Beavis

Beavis, Leslie Ellis


* 25th of January 1895

† 27th of September 1975


1935-07-01 Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel
1938-07-01 Lieutenant-Colonel
1939-11-02 Colonel
1940-12-17 Temporary Brigadier
1942-04-06 Temporary Major-General
1942-09-01 Major-General


1936-04-23 1937-04-22 Chairman of the Supply Board
1936-04-23 1937-09-30 Brigade-Major, 2nd Australian Infantry Brigade
1937-10-01 1938-08-31 Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General (P), Army Headquarters
1938-09-01 1939-11-01 General Staff Officer 1 (Staff Duties), Army Headquarters
1939-11-02 1940-04-19 Director of Staff Duties, Army Headquarters
1940-04-04 1940-11-27 Assistant Director of Ordnance Services, I Australian Corps
1940-11-28 1940-12-16 Deputy Director of Ordnance Services, Australian Imperial Force [Middle East] 17.12.40-05.04.42: Director of Ordnance Services, Australian Imperial Force [Middle East]
1941-02-08 1941-03-07 Deputy Quartermaster-General, Australian Imperial Force [Middle East]
1942-04-05 1946-12-01 Master-General of the Ordnance, Army Headquarters
1946-03-01 1946-12-01 Fourth Military Member of the Military Board
1946-12-02 1948-12-16 Chairman of the New Weapons & Equipment Development Committee, Department of Defence
1946-12-11 1947-02-19 Chairman of the Australian Committee on Guided Projectiles, Department of Defence
1947-02-19 1950-02-02 Defence Representative on the Long Range Weapons Board of Administration, Department of Supply
1947-05-23 Chairman of the Principal Administration Officers' Committee (Maintenance & Materials)
1948-12-17 1950-10-24 Defence Representative on the Defence Research & Development Policy Committee
1948-12-17 Deputy Chairman of the Joint War Production Committee
1948-12-17 Chairman of the Joint War Production Planning Staff
1952-XX-XX Retired
1952-XX-XX 1954-XX-XX Australian High Commissioner in Pakistan
Picture source: Courtesy of Paul Godley