The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Anatolii Ivanovskii Belogorskii

Belogorskii, Anatolii Ivanovskii


* 11th of August 1904

† 9th of May 1986

(Анатолий Иванович Белогорский)


1943-09-01 Major-General
1958-02-18 Lieutenant-General


1938-03-XX 1941-03-XX Commanding Officer 86th Rifle Regiment
1941-03-XX 1941-10-XX Chief of Staff, 5th Cavalry Division
1941-11-XX 1941-12-25 Commanding Officer 14th Cavalry Division
1941-12-25 1943-02-XX Commanding Officer 6th Guards Cavalry Division
1943-02-XX 1943-08-XX Chief of Staff, XIX Cavalry Corps
1943-08-XX 1944-05-XX Deputy Commanding Officer VIII Mechanised Corps
1944-05-XX 1945-07-XX Chief of Staff, VIII Mechanised Corps
1945-07-XX 1946-03-XX Chief of Staff, 8th Mechanised Division
1946-03-XX 1949-11-XX Commanding Officer 29th Tank Division
1949-11-XX 1950-09-XX Attending the Military Academy of Tank & Mechanised Forces
1950-09-XX 1955-06-XX Commanding Officer 18th Guards Mechanised Division
1955-06-27 1958-08-08 Commanding Officer XXVII Guards Rifle Corps
1959-06-XX 1961-08-XX Assistant Commander in Chief for Higher Military Schools, Kiev Military District
1961-08-XX 1968-04-11 Head of Military Schools Directorate
1968-12-08 Retired
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