The Generals of WWII

Generals from South Africa Flag for South Africa
Portrait of Brigadier Jan Bosman Bester

Bester, Jan Bosman


* 18th of March 1911

† 20th of August 1985

Nickname: Happy Jack


1945-01-09 Brigadier


1943-02-19 1943-07-05 Commanding Officer De la Rey Regiment [North Africa]
1943-07-05 1945-01-09 Commanding Officer Witwatersrand Rifles De la Rey Regiment [Italy]
1945-01-09 1945-08-25 Commanding Officer 13th South African Motorized Brigade [Italy]
1945-08-25 1945-09-19 Commanding Officer R & T Depot at Helwan [Egypt]
1945-09-17 1946-01-13 General Officer Commanding 6th South African Armoured Division [Italy]
Picture source: Courtesy of Anonymous