The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Amédée-Ferdinand-Auguste Blanc

Blanc, Amédée-Ferdinand-Auguste


* 25th of March 1880

† 18th of June 1964


1923-06-23 Lieutenant-Colonel
1928-12-25 Colonel
1933-03-20 Brigadier-General
1936-09-23 Major-General
1938-10-21 Lieutenant-General


1924-02-23 Chief of Staff, Meknès Region [Morocco]
1924-02-23 Chief of Staff, Fez Region [Morocco]
1927-XX-XX Attached to 3rd Foreign Legion Regiment
1928-05-XX 1928-12-31 Temporary Commanding Officer 35th Tirailleurs Regiment
1930-XX-XX 1932-05-12 Commanding Officer 27th Algerian Tirailleurs Regiment
1932-05-12 1934-07-12 Commanding Officer 2nd North African Brigade
1934-02-12 1936-08-20 Commanding Officer Southern Syria
1936-08-20 1937-02-05 General Officer Commanding 1st North African Division
1937-02-05 1938-10-21 General Officer Commanding Division Fez [Morocco]
1938-10-21 1940-08-20 General Officer Commander in Chief Tunisia
1939-09-02 1940-08-20 General Officer Commanding Tunisia Corps
1940-08-20 Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Anonymous