The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Marshal of Tank Troops Semen Iliich Bogdanov

Bogdanov, Semen Iliich

Marshal of Tank Troops

* 29th of August 1894

† 12th of March 1960

(Семен Ильич Богданов)


1940-07-20 Colonel
1942-07-21 Major-General of Tank Troops
1943-06-07 Lieutenant-General of Tank Troops
1944-04-24 Colonel-General of Tank Troops
1945-06-01 Marshal of Tank Troops


1932-05-XX 1935-10-XX Commanding Officer 134th Rifle Regiment
1937-01-XX 1938-05-01 Commanding Officer 9th Mechanised Brigade
1938-05-01 1939-10-XX Arrested and under interrogation
1939-10-XX Released
1939-12-XX 1940-03-XX At disposal of Main Personnel Directorate
1940-03-XX 1940-12-XX Commanding Officer Infantry 29th Mechanised Division
1940-12-XX 1941-03-XX Commanding Officer 32nd Light Tank Brigade
1941-03-11 1941-06-30 Commanding Officer 30th Tank Division
1941-08-XX Commanding Officer Tank & Mechanised Forces Moscow Military District
1941-08-XX 1942-03-XX Commanding Officer Mozhaisk Fortified Area
1941-08-XX 1942-03-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 5th Army
1942-03-XX 1942-05-XX Deputy Commanding Officer for Tank Forces, 10th Army
1942-05-19 1942-09-07 Commanding Officer XII Tank Corps
1942-09-26 1943-01-09 Commanding Officer VI Mechanised Corps
1943-01-09 1943-02-25 Commanding Officer V Guards Mechanised Corps
1943-03-11 1943-08-24 Commanding Officer IX Tank Corps
1943-09-01 1944-07-23 Commanding Officer 2nd Tank Army
1944-11-22 1947-05-27 Commanding Officer 2nd Guards Tank Army
1947-06-XX 1947-08-XX Commanding Officer Tank & Mechanised Forces, Soviet Group of Forces in Germany
1947-08-XX 1948-11-XX First Deputy Commander in Chief Tank & Mechanised Forces
1948-11-XX 1953-04-XX Commander in Chief Tank & Mechanised Forces
1953-04-28 1954-05-07 Commanding Officer 7th Mechanised Army
1954-05-08 1956-05-16 Commandant of Military Academy of Tank Forces
1956-05-17 Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Auke de Vlieger