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Portrait of Colonel-General of Medical Services Nikolai Nilovich Burdenko

Burdenko, Nikolai Nilovich

Colonel-General of Medical Services

* 22nd of May 1876

† 11th of November 1946

(Николай Нилович Бурденко)


1941-08-01 Corps-Surgeon
1943-02-01 Lieutenant-General of Medical Services
1944-05-25 Colonel-General of Medical Services


1937-XX-XX 1941-08-01 Chief Surgeon Consultant, Medical Directorate
1937-XX-XX 1946-XX-XX Personal Physicist & Surgeon to I.V. Stalin
1941-08-01 1946-11-11 Chief Surgeon of the Army
1943-XX-XX 1944-01-24 Member of Katyn Commission
1944-12-20 1946-11-11 Director of the USSR Academy of Medical Science
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