The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of General Jean-Jules-Alexis Callies

Callies, Jean-Jules-Alexis


* 7th of August 1896

† 26th of August 1989


1945-12-25 Major-General
1954-XX-XX General


1939-XX-XX 1940-XX-XX Chief of Staff, 20th Division
Commanding Officer 8th Moroccan Tirailleurs Regiment
1942-XX-XX Chief of the French Delegation at the German Armistice Commission in Casablanca [Morocco]
1943-XX-XX Commandant of Écoles d'Aspirants de l'Afrique du Nord
1943-08-XX 1944-XX-XX Commanding Officer Infantry, 2nd Moroccan Division [Italy]
1944-XX-XX General Officer Commanding Pyrenees Front
1945-01-15 1946-02-XX General Officer Commanding 1st Infantry Division
1946-XX-XX Commandant of the École d'Application de l'Infanterie
1948-XX-XX General Officer Commanding Northern French Zone [Germany]
1950-05-09 1954-09-24 General Officer Commanding 10th Military Region
1951-01-01 1957-XX-XX Member of the Supreme War Council
1954-XX-XX 1957-XX-XX Inspector-General of Armed Forces in North Africa
1957-XX-XX Retired