The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Cao Fulin

Cao Fulin


* 22nd of November 1891

† 9th of June 1964


(Tsao Fu-lin)


1935-04-09 Lieutenant-General


1925-12-XX 1927-05-XX Commanding Officer 5th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Northwestern Army
1927-05-XX 1928-09-01 Commanding Officer 14th Division
1928-09-01 1928-10-02 Deputy Commanding Officer 10th Division
1928-10-02 1929-06-12 Deputy Commanding Officer 29th Division
1929-06-12 1930-04-27 Commanding Officer 29th Division
1930-04-27 1931-01-05 Commanding Officer 14th Army
1931-01-05 1938-10-XX Commanding Officer 29th Division
1937-08-19 1946-04-XX Commanding Officer 55th Army
1939-06-07 1943-03-XX Deputy Commander in Chief 3rd Army Group
1943-03-XX 1945-10-XX Deputy Commander in Chief 2nd Army Group
1945-10-XX 1948-12-01 Deputy Commanding Officer 4th Pacification Area
1946-04-XX 1948-09-XX Commanding Officer 55th Division
1948-09-XX 1949-10-XX Commanding Officer 55th Army
1948-12-01 1949-10-XX Deputy Commander in Chief 8th Army Corps
1949-10-XX 1949-10-17 Xiamen Defence Commander
1949-10-17 Fled to Taiwan
1949-10-17 1952-10-22 In reserve
1952-10-22 Retired