The Generals of WWII

Generals from Italy Flag for Italy
Portrait of Marshal of Italy Ugo Cavallero

Cavallero, Ugo

Marshal of Italy

* 20th of September 1880

† 15th of September 1943


1917-05-31 Lieutenant-Colonel
1917-10-21 Colonel
1918-12-12 Brigadier-General
1927-10-13 Major-General
1934-06-16 Lieutenant-General
1940-05-10 General (War merits)(Seniority from 1940-05-09)
1942-07-01 Marshal of Italy


1919-02-XX Chief of Operations Section, Supreme General Staff
1919-02-XX 1920-06-XX Chief of the Italian Military Delegation at the Permanent Inter-Allied Committee at Versailles
1920-06-XX 1925-05-XX Unemployed
1925-05-XX Reactivated
1925-05-04 1928-11-24 Secretary of State for War
1928-11-XX 1937-11-19 Unemployed
1937-11-19 1939-08-XX Commander in Chief Italian East Africa
1939-08-29 Reactivated
1940-12-06 1943-02-01 Chief of the Supreme General Staff
1940-12-30 1941-07-01 Commander in Chief Albania General Headquarters
1943-09-15 Committed suicide
Picture source: Courtesy of Ernesto G. Vitetti