The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of General 1st Rank  Chen Cheng

Chen Cheng

General 1st Rank

* 4th of January 1897

† 5th of March 1965



1935-04-04 Lieutenant-General
1936-09-26 General
1939-05-02 General 2nd Rank
1947-02-21 General 1st Rank


1925-XX-XX 1926-XX-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Artillery Battalion
1926-XX-XX Commanding Officer Specialties Group, Huangpu (Whampoa) Military Academy
1926-07-XX 1926-XX-XX Staff Officer, National Revolutionary Army Headquarters
1926-XX-XX 1926-12-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Regiment, 1st Replacement Division
1926-12-XX 1927-04-XX Commanding Officer 63rd Regiment, 21st Division
1927-04-XX 1927-07-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 21st Division
1927-07-XX 1927-10-XX Commanding Officer 21st Division, 1st Army
1927-10-XX 1928-03-XX Deputy Chief of Military Administration Bureau, Military Commission
1928-03-XX 1928-08-XX Commanding Officer of Guards, National Revolutionary Army Headquarters
1928-03-XX 1928-08-XX Commanding Officer of Artillery, 1st Army Group
1928-08-XX 1929-08-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 11th Division
1929-08-XX 1931-01-XX Commanding Officer 11th Division
1930-04-XX 1930-08-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 2nd Army
1930-08-XX 1933-10-XX Commanding Officer 18th Army
1931-01-XX 1931-09-XX Commanding Officer 14th Division, 18th Army
1933-01-XX 1933-05-XX Commanding Officer Central Route Army, Bandit-Suppression Army
1933-07-XX 1933-09-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Lushan Officers’ Training Corps
1933-09-XX 1934-10-XX Commander in Chief 3rd Route, Northern Route Bandit-Extermination Army
1934-10-XX 1935-03-XX Commander in Chief, Reserve Army, Bandit-Suppression Army
1935-03-XX 1935-09-XX Director of Army Reorganization Department, Wuchang Field Headquarters, Army Commission
1935-09-XX 1936-03-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Mount Emei Officers’ Training Corps
1936-03-XX 1936-06-XX Commander in Chief 1st Route Army, Bandit-Suppression Army
1936-06-XX 1936-09-XX Commander in Chief 3rd Route Army
1936-09-XX 1936-11-XX Chief of Staff, Guangzhou Field Headquarters
1936-12-02 1938-01-27 Assistant Minister for General Duties, Military Administration Department
1937-01-XX 1937-07-XX Commander in Chief 4th Army Group
1937-07-XX 1937-12-XX Commander in Chief 15th Army Group
1937-07-XX 1937-12-XX Commander in Chief Left Wing, 3rd War Area
1937-12-XX 1938-01-XX Deputy Commander in Chief 7th War Area
1938-01-XX 1939-09-XX Commanding in Chief Wuhan Defense Command
1938-01-12 1940-08-31 Chief of Political Department, Military Commission
1938-06-14 1939-10-02 Commander in Chief 9th War Area
1939-10-02 1940-04-XX Commander in Chief 6th War Area
1940-07-01 1943-02-XX Commander in Chief 6th War Area
1940-09-XX 1944-XX-XX Chairman of Hubei Provincial Government
1943-02-XX 1944-07-XX Commanding Officer Expeditionary Army (Y-Force) [Burma]
1944-07-XX 1944-11-XX Commander in Chief 1st War Area
1944-07-XX 1944-11-XX Commander in Chief Hebei-Chahar War Area
1944-11-20 1946-05-31 Chief of Military Administration Department
1946-05-31 1948-08-05 Chief of the General Staff
1946-05-31 1948-05-13 Commander in Chief of the Navy
1947-07-30 1948-05-13 Director of Northeastern Field Headquarters
1949-01-05 1949-12-21 Chairman of Taiwan Provincial Government
1949-01-05 1949-12-21 Commander in Chief Taiwan Garrison Command
1950-03-07 1954-06-07 President of the Executive Yuan, Republic of China
1957-10-23 1965-03-05 Vice-Chairman of the Nationalist Party
1958-06-30 1963-12-15 President of the Executive Yuan, Republic of China
1960-03-12 1965-03-05 Vice-President of the Republic of China
Picture source: Courtesy of Jon Zhou