The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Chi Fengcheng

Chi Fengcheng


* 8th of December 1903

† 16th of March 1955




(Chih Feng-cheng)


1928-06-XX Lieutenant-Colonel (Post rank)
1929-02-XX Colonel (Post rank)
1932-09-XX Major-General (Post rank)
1934-12-21 Lieutenant-General (Post rank)
1936-01-29 Major-General
1936-10-05 Lieutenant-General


1928-06-XX 1928-09-XX Commanding Officer 1st Battalion, Officer School, 2nd Army Group
1928-09-XX 1928-11-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Engineer Regiment, 2nd Army Group
1928-11-XX 1929-02-XX Commanding Officer Pistol Battalion, 31st Division
1929-02-XX 1929-05-XX Commanding Officer 183rd Regiment, 92nd Brigade, 31st Division
1929-05-XX 1929-10-XX Commanding Officer 61st Regiment, 21st Division, Northwestern Army
1929-10-XX 1930-04-XX Commanding Officer 61st Regiment, 21st Division, National Army
1930-04-XX 1930-11-XX Commanding Officer 108th Regiment, 36th Brigade, 12th Division, 2nd Field Army
1930-11-XX 1932-01-XX Commanding Officer 4th Regiment, 80th Brigade, 27th Division
1932-01-XX 1932-09-XX Commanding Officer 159th Regiment, 80th Brigade, 27th Division
1932-09-XX 1933-08-XX Commanding Officer 79th Brigade, 27th Division
1933-08-XX 1933-10-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 27th Division
1933-08-XX 1933-10-XX Deputy Chief of Cadre Training, 26th Route Army
1933-10-XX 1934-06-XX Attending the 2nd Senior Class, Central Military Academy
1934-06-XX 1934-12-21 Deputy Commanding Officer 27th Division
1934-12-21 1937-XX-XX Commanding Officer 31st Division, 42nd Army
1937-XX-XX 1939-02-17 Commanding Officer 31st Division, 30th Army
1939-02-17 1944-10-XX Commanding Officer 30th Army
1940-02-XX 1943-11-XX Commanding Officer Guerrilla Warfare, Hubei-Henan-Anhui Border Area
1943-11-XX 1944-10-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Upper Yangtze River Defence Forces
1944-10-XX 1945-01-XX Attending the 1st Generals' Class, Army College
1945-01-XX 1945-11-XX Deputy Commander in Chief 33rd Army Group
1945-11-XX 1946-01-XX Plenipotentiary at Baoding, 11th War Area
1946-01-XX 1947-01-XX Commanding Officer Baoding Garrison Command
1946-XX-XX 1947-01-XX Commanding Officer 2nd New Army
1946-XX-XX 1947-01-XX Commanding Officer Chongqing Fortress
1947-01-XX 1947-03-XX Senior Staff Officer, 11th War Area
1947-03-XX 1949-01-XX Attached to the Ministry of National Defence
1949-01-XX Revolts against the Nationalist Government
1949-04-01 Arrested by the People's Republic
1949-04-01 1955-03-16 Imprisoned
1955-03-16 Died in prison
1983-05-12 Rehabilitated
Picture source: Courtesy of Jon Zhou