The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Vladimir Afanasevich Chistov

Chistov, Vladimir Afanasevich


* 30th of November 1899

† 17th of December 1958

(Владимир Афанасьевич Чистов)


1942-05-21 Major-General


1938-08-XX 1940-03-XX Chief of 2nd Branch, 4th Section, Combat Training Directorate
1940-03-XX 1940-09-XX Chief of 1st Section, Higher Military Schools Directorate
1940-09-XX 1941-07-XX Commandant of Riga Infantry School
1941-09-01 1942-07-09 Commanding Officer 379th Rifle Division
1942-07-09 1943-04-17 Deputy Commanding Officer 30th Army
1943-04-17 1943-05-14 Deputy Commanding Officer 10th Guards Army
1943-05-14 1943-05-21 Commanding Officer 10th Guards Army
1943-05-21 1944-08-28 Deputy Commanding Officer 10th Guards Army
1943-08-28 1944-02-17 Commanding Officer XIX Guards Rifle Corps
1944-09-28 1945-04-26 Commanding Officer VII Rifle Corps
1945-04-27 1945-07-XX Deputy Commanding Officer VII Rifle Corps
1945-07-XX 1945-10-19 Military Commandant of Halle [Germany]
1945-10-19 1946-04-15 Chief of Commandant's Service, Merzeberg [Germany]
1946-04-15 1947-10-XX Chief of Commandant's Service Section, Soviet Military Administration, Brandenburg [Germany]
1947-10-XX 1949-08-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Soviet Military Administration, Brandenburg [Germany]
1949-08-XX 1949-11-XX At disposal of the Main Personnel Directorate
1949-11-XX 1953-11-XX Head of the Main Department, Military Artillery Academy
1953-11-XX Retired
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