The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Pierre-Félix Conne

Conne, Pierre-Félix


* 26th of September 1892

† 18th of April 1979


1936-12-25 Lieutenant-Colonel
1941-03-25 Colonel
1943-03-23 Brigadier-General
1949-10-XX Major-General (Retired)


1935-08-25 1937-08-XX Staff Officer, 15th Military Region
1937-08-XX 1939-08-25 Deputy Chief of Staff, 15th Military Region
1939-08-25 1939-09-02 Chief of Staff, 15th Military Region
1939-09-02 1940-06-XX Chief of Staff, XIV Corps
1941-03-XX 1941-09-XX Chief of Staff, 9th Military Division
1941-09-XX 1943-01-31 Commanding Officer 1st Algerian Tirailleurs Regiment [Tunisia]
1942-11-XX 1943-01-31 Commanding Officer Group Conne [Tunisia]
1943-01-31 1943-06-XX General Officer Commanding March Division Alger [Tunisia]
1943-06-09 1943-07-07 General Officer Commanding 1st Algerian Infantry Division
1943-07-07 1944-08-XX General Officer Commanding 7th Algerian Infantry Division
1944-11-XX 1948-01-28 General Officer Commanding Division Oran
1948-01-28 1949-09-20 Assistant General Officer Commanding 10th Military Region
1949-09-20 Retired