The Generals of WWII

Generals from Italy Flag for Italy
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Oreste Crivaro

Crivaro, Oreste


* 20th of January 1889

† 24th of November 1953


1941-04-15 Brigadier-General (Seniority from 1941-01-01)
1943-02-26 Major-General


1936-XX-XX 1937-XX-XX Commanding Officer 8th Engineer Regiment
1937-XX-XX 1939-05-15 Commandant of Pavia Officer Cadets Complementary Engineering School
1939-05-15 Chief of Engineering Works, Albania Corps
1940-XX-XX Commanding Officer Engineers, VII Corps
1940-06-25 Chief of Engineering Works, XXVI Corps
1940-06-25 1941-05-25 Commanding Officer Engineers, VIII Corps
1941-05-25 Attached to North Africa General Headquarters
1942-02-15 Attached to North Africa General Headquarters 15.02.42-14.10.42: Commanding Officer Engineers, XVII Corps
1942-10-14 1943-XX-XX General Officer Commanding Engineers, 7th Army 00.12.43-00.03.45: Inspector of Engineers
1945-XX-XX 1947-XX-XX General Officer Commanding II Territorial Defence Command
1947-05-XX 1948-06-XX Inspector of Engineers