The Generals of WWII

Generals from Italy Flag for Italy
Portrait of Marshal of Italy Emilio De Bono

De Bono, Emilio

Marshal of Italy

* 19th of March 1866

† 11th of January 1944



1912-03-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1915-07-XX Colonel
1918-06-20 Lieutenant-General
1923-02-01 General (Designated)
1935-11-16 Marshal of Italy


1912-02-XX 1912-09-XX Chief of Staff, Intendancy Service, Libya [North Africa]
1912-09-XX 1913-XX-XX Chief of Staff, 1st Special Division [North Africa]
1913-XX-XX 1914-02-XX Chief of Staff, Division "Novara"
1914-02-XX 1915-09-XX Chief of Staff, II Corps
1915-09-XX 1916-03-XX Commanding Officer 15th Bersaglieri Regiment
1916-03-XX 1916-12-XX Commanding Officer Brigade "Trapani"
1916-12-XX 1917-06-XX Commanding Officer Brigade "Savona" [Albania]
1917-06-XX 1918-03-XX General Officer Commanding 38th Infantry Division
1918-03-XX 1918-08-20 Acting General Officer Commanding IX Corps
1918-08-20 1919-01-XX General Officer Commanding IX Corps
1919-01-XX 1920-01-XX General Officer Commanding XXII Corps
1920-01-XX 1920-06-XX General Officer Commanding Verona Corps
1920-06-XX 1922-11-11 At disposal of the Ministry of War
1922-11-11 1923-11-11 Director-General of Public Security
1923-02-01 1924-10-31 Commander in Chief of the Voluntary Militia for National Security
1923-11-11 1923-12-20 Intendant-General of the Police
1923-12-20 1924-06-18 Commander in Chief of the Police
1924-07-03 1928-12-18 Governor-General of Tripolitania [North Africa]
1928-12-18 1929-09-12 Secretary of State of Colonies
1929-09-12 1931-01-17 Minister of Colonies
1935-01-18 1935-11-27 High Commissioner for Italian East Africa
1935-04-03 1935-11-27 Commander in Chief Italian East Africa
1939-04-17 1940-01-28 Member of the Commission for the Armed Forces, Senate
1939-06-11 1940-02-03 Member of the Commission for the Affairs of Italian Africa
1939-10-20 1940-XX-XX Inspector of Overseas Troops
1940-02-03 1943-08-05 Member of the Commission for the Armed Forces, Senate
1940-06-08 1940-07-10 Commander in Chief Army Group South
Member of the Fascist Grand Council
1943-XX-XX Inspector of Overseas Troops
1944-01-11 Condemned to death and executed as traitor
Picture source: Courtesy of Valdis Kursietis