The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Marshal Odylio Denys

Denys, Odylio


* 17th of February 1892

† 5th of November 1985

(Odilio Denys)

(Odilio Denis)


1937-09-07 Lieutenant-Colonel
1940-03-05 Colonel
1942-12-29 Brigadier-General
1946-10-04 Major-General
1952-08-XX General
1960-02-15 Marshal


1937-09-XX 1938-05-XX Commanding Officer 7th Light Infantry Battalion
1938-05-XX 1940-03-XX Commanding Officer 1st Light Infantry Battalion
1940-03-18 1940-06-14 Commanding Officer of Presidential Guard
1940-06-10 1945-12-27 Commanding Officer Military Police, Federal District
1946-02-XX 1946-04-XX Secretary-General, Ministry of War
1946-04-XX 1946-07-XX General Officer Commanding 8th Military Region
1946-07-XX 1946-11-XX General Officer Commanding 3rd Infantry Division
1946-11-XX 1948-12-XX General Officer Commanding 1st Infantry Division
1949-01-XX 1949-02-XX General Officer Commanding 2nd Military Region
1949-02-XX 1950-04-XX General Officer Commanding Central Military Zone
1950-04-XX 1952-10-XX Director-General of Army Administration
1953-03-21 1954-06-14 General Officer Commanding Southern Military Zone
1954-02-27 1956-09-XX General Officer Commanding Eastern Military Zone
1956-09-XX 1960-02-15 General Officer Commanding 1st Army
1960-02-15 1961-01-31 Minister of War
1961-01-31 Retired
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