The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Colonel-General of Quartermaster Service Pavel Ivanovich Drachev

Drachev, Pavel Ivanovich

Colonel-General of Quartermaster Service

* 29th of January 1897

† 28th of June 1964

(Павел Иванович Драчев)


1935-11-20 Division-Intendant
1940-06-04 Major-General of Quartermaster-Service
1942-11-17 Lieutenant-General of Quartermaster Service
1944-05-11 Colonel-General of Quartermaster-Service


1939-XX-XX Instructor at the Military-Economic Academy
1940-06-XX 1941-08-01 Head of Clothing Supply Directorate, Main Intendant Directorate
1941-08-01 Deputy Chief of Staff, Rear Service
1942-03-05 Chief Intendant of the Army
1953-05-08 Retired
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