The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Du Yuming

Du Yuming


* 28th of November 1904

† 7th of May 1981


(Tu Yu-ming)


1927-04-XX Lieutenant-Colonel (Post rank)
1930-05-XX Colonel (Post rank)
1932-12-XX Major-General (Post rank)
1935-05-02 Colonel
1936-10-05 Major-General
1938-03-05 Lieutenant-General Post rank)
1945-02-20 Lieutenant-General


1927-04-XX 1927-08-XX Member of the Nanjing National Government Review Commission
1927-08-XX 1928-03-XX Unemployed
1928-03-XX 1928-12-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Squadron, Preparatory Battalion, 1st Brigade, 5th Class, Central Military Academy
1928-12-XX 1929-01-XX Staff Officer, 2nd Brigade, 1st New Division
1929-01-XX 1930-03-XX Commanding Officer 4th Team, 5th Infantry Battalion, 7th Class, Central Military Academy
1930-03-XX 1930-05-XX Commanding Officer 1st Battalion, 5th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, Preparatory Training Regiments Section, Central Military Academy
1930-05-XX 1930-11-XX Commanding Officer 12th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Instruction Division
1930-11-XX 1932-12-XX Commanding Officer 24th Regiment, 12th Brigade, 4th Division
1932-12-XX 1933-03-XX Commanding Officer 73rd Brigade, 25th Division, 17th Army
1933-03-XX 1933-10-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 25th Division
1933-10-XX 1934-06-XX Attending the 2nd Senior Class, Central Military Academy
1934-06-XX 1936-03-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 25th Division
1936-03-XX 1937-05-XX Commanding Officer Cadet Team, Army Supply School
1937-05-XX 1938-03-05 Commanding Officer Armored Regiment
1938-03-05 1939-02-17 Commanding Officer 200th Division
1939-02-17 1939-11-19 Deputy Commanding Officer 5th Army
1939-02-17 1939-11-19 Acting Commanding Officer 5th Army
1939-11-19 1943-01-28 Commanding Officer 5th Army [Burma]
1942-03-16 1943-01-28 Commanding Officer 1st Route, Chinese Expetitionary Force [Burma]
1943-01-28 1945-04-10 Commander in Chief 5th Army Group
1945-04-10 1945-10-26 Commanding Officer Kunming Defence Command
1945-10-26 1947-08-16 Commanding Officer Northeastern Security Command
1947-07-XX 1948-08-12 Deputy Commanding Officer Northeastern Mobile Command Office
1948-08-12 1948-10-16 Deputy Commanding Officer Xuzhou Bandit Suppression Headquarters
1948-10-16 1948-11-XX Deputy Commanding Officer NorthEastern Bandit Suppression Headquarters
1948-10-16 1948-11-XX Commanding Officer Hebei-Rehe-Liaoning Border Area
1948-11-XX 1949-01-10 Deputy Commanding Officer Xuzhou Bandit Suppression Headquarters
1948-11-XX 1949-01-10 Commanding Officer Zhengzhou Post
1949-01-10 Captured by the People's Liberation Army
1949-01-10 1959-12-04 Imprisoned
1959-12-04 Released
1964-12-XX 1978-02-XX Member of the National Committee, People's Political Consultative Conference
1978-02-XX 1981-05-07 Member of the Standing Committee, National Committee, People's Political Consultative Conference
Picture source: Courtesy of Yu Zixu