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Portrait of Major-General Timofei Dmitrievich Dudorov

Dudorov, Timofei Dmitrievich


* 19th of December 1906

† 23rd of March 1983

(Тимофей Дмитриевич Дудоров)


1945-07-11 Major-General


1943-02-XX 1943-12-18 Commanding Officer 872nd Rifle Regiment
1943-12-18 1944-04-XX Wounded and hospitalised
1944-05-04 1944-08-10 Chief of Combat Training Section, 1st Shock Army
1944-08-10 1944-10-09 Commanding Officer 377th Rifle Division
1944-10-09 1945-02-12 Commanding Officer 82nd Rifle Division
1945-02-12 1945-04-15 Hospitalised
1945-04-15 1945-04-26 At disposal of the Commanding Officer LXXIX Rifle Corps
1945-04-26 1945-07-20 Commanding Officer 82nd Rifle Division
1945-07-20 1945-10-19 Deputy Commanding Officer IX Guards Rifle Corps
1945-10-19 1946-04-08 Chief of Commandant's Service, Dresden [Germany]
1946-04-08 1949-06-20 Chief of Staff, Soviet Military Administration, Saxony [Germany]
1949-06-20 1951-06-05 Commandant of Tbilisi Infantry School
1951-06-05 1953-01-XX Commanding Officer 145th Mountain Rifle Division
1953-01-XX 1953-08-XX Attending the Military Academy of the General Staff
1953-08-20 1956-05-08 Commanding Officer 45th Rifle Division
1956-05-08 1960-09-10 Commandant of Tambov Suvorov Military School
1960-09-10 1963-12-26 Commandant of Voronezh Suvorov Military School
1963-12-26 Retired
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