The Generals of WWII

Generals from Japan Flag for Japan
Portrait of Major-General Shōichi Endō

Endō, Shōichi


* 20th of April 1894

† 12th of January 1946


(えんどう しょういち)


1939-08-01 Colonel
1944-08-01 Major-General


1939-03-31 1941-04-09 Chief of 6th Branch, 2nd Section, Inspectorate-General of Military Training
1941-04-09 1942-02-02 Attached to Inspectorate of Signal
1942-02-02 1944-08-01 Commanding Officer 8th Signal Regiment
1944-08-01 1945-06-15 Attached to the Army Aviation Signal School
1945-06-15 1945-09-02 Commanding Officer 4th Air Signal Command