The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Petr Savelevich Eroshenko

Eroshenko, Petr Savelevich


* 22nd of June 1900

† 19th of October 1960

(Петр Савельевич Ерошенко)


1945-06-27 Major-General


1941-04-XX 1941-06-10 Chief of Staff, 287th Rifle Division
1941-06-10 1941-09-01 Chief of Staff, 98th Rifle Division
1941-09-01 1941-12-20 Chief of Staff, 179th Rifle Division
1941-12-20 1942-02-09 Commanding Officer 5th Rifle Division
1942-02-09 1942-04-20 Wounded and hospitalised
1942-04-20 1942-06-15 Convalescing
1942-06-15 1943-06-08 Commandant of Leningrad Infantry School
1943-06-XX 1944-04-26 Attending the Military Academy of the General Staff
1944-04-XX 1944-08-17 At disposal of the Military Council, 1st Ukrainian Front
1944-08-17 1945-07-XX Commanding Officer 218th Rifle Division
1945-07-XX 1945-09-XX Convalescing
1945-09-XX 1946-02-XX Commanding Officer 254th Rifle Division
1946-02-XX 1946-06-XX Commanding Officer 112th Rifle Division
1946-06-XX 1947-05-XX Commanding Officer 395th Rifle Division
1947-05-XX 1948-05-XX Attached to Frunze Military Academy
1948-05-XX 1954-03-05 Senior Instructor at Frunze Military Academy
1954-03-05 Retired
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