The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of General 2nd Rank  Feng Zhian

Feng Zhian

General 2nd Rank

* 16th of December 1896

† 16th of December 1954


(Feng Chih-an)


1925-12-XX Major-General (Post rank)
1926-04-03 Colonel (Beiyang Government)
1926-04-03 Acting Major-General (Beiyang Government)
1926-09-XX Lieutenant-General (Post rank)
1935-04-09 Lieutenant-General
1955-04-11 General 2nd Rank (Posthumously)


1924-10-XX 1925-12-XX Commanding Officer Pistol Regiment, Bodyguard Brigade, 1st Army, National Army
1925-12-XX 1926-09-XX Commanding Officer Bodyguard Brigade, Northeastern Border Defence Supervision Headquarters, National Army
1926-09-XX 1927-05-XX Commanding Officer 4th Division, Allied Army, National Army
1927-05-XX 1927-12-12 Commanding Officer 4th Division, 2nd Army Group
1927-12-12 1928-04-XX Commanding Officer 14th Army
1928-04-XX 1928-08-XX Commanding Officer 23rd Army
1928-08-XX 1928-09-01 Commanding Officer 18th Army
1928-09-01 1928-10-02 Commanding Officer 4th Provisional, 2nd Army Group
1928-10-02 1928-11-30 Commanding Officer 23rd Division, 2nd Army Group
1928-11-30 1929-05-XX Attending the 1st Special Class, Army College
1929-05-XX 1929-10-XX Commanding Officer 11th Army, Northwestern Route Army, National Salvation Army
1929-10-XX 1930-03-30 Commanding Officer 11th Army, National Army
1930-03-30 1930-10-XX Commanding Officer 9th Division, 2nd Field Army
1930-10-XX 1931-01-16 Unemployed
1931-01-16 1931-10-XX Attending the 1st Special Class, Army College
1931-01-16 1931-06-17 Commanding Officer 1st Division, Northeastern Border Defence Army
1931-06-17 1937-10-02 Commanding Officer 37th Division
1936-11-27 1938-06-02 Chairman of Hebei Provincial Government
1936-11-30 1938-06-02 Commanding Officer Hebei Security Command
1937-08-06 1937-10-02 Deputy Commander in Chief 1st Army Group
1937-08-30 1940-05-16 Commanding Officer 77th Army
1937-10-02 1939-02-08 Commander in Chief 19th Army Corps
1938-12-22 1940-05-16 Deputy Commander in Chief 33rd Army Group
1940-05-16 1940-12-24 Acting Commander in Chief 33rd Army Group
1940-12-24 1945-10-XX Commander in Chief 33rd Army Group
1945-10-XX 1947-03-03 Deputy Commanding Officer Xuzhou Pacification Headquarters
1945-10-XX 1949-01-18 Commanding Officer 3rd Pacification Area
1947-03-03 1948-06-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Xuzhou Command Post
1948-06-XX 1949-01-18 Deputy Commanding Xuzhou Bandit Suppression Headquarters
1949-01-18 1949-05-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Beijing-Shanghai-Hangzhou Garrison Command
1949-05-XX Leaves for Taiwan
1950-04-04 1954-12-16 Advisor, Strategic Advisory Board, President's Office
Picture source: Courtesy of Yu Zixu